What’s New in Android 4.4


Let’s introduce ourselves with the updated version of Android, which is Android 4.4, more commonly known as KitKat. Some of the features of KitKat are listed below –

  • Enabled voice search on Google. You just need to say “OK Google” to start voice search.
  • While listening to music or watching movies you will see awesome photo album when device is locked.
  • With the new immersive view, everything takes the center stage while watching movies or reading books, i.e. everything will hide apart from the current doc.
  • Increased system performance with memory optimization and improving the touch screen so that it responds faster.
  • The new phone app will prioritize the contacts in your phone based on the people you talk to the most.
  • All your SMS & MMS messages are stored in one place. All the credit goes to the new Hangout app.
  • QuickOffice is a free application from Google which let you edit MS Office documents on your Android phone or tablet. With QuickOffice and Google account you can create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

For developers, Android 4.4 helps you deliver applications that are very efficient and responsive in all devices.

ActivityManager.isLowRamDevice() is an API which can tune your application behavior to match with the device’s memory configuration. A printing framework is available in Android apps can print any type of content over Wi-Fi or cloud-hosted services such as Google Cloud Print. In print-enabled apps, users can discover available printers, change paper sizes, choose specific pages to print, and print almost any kind of document, image or file. KitKat provides support for 2 new composite sensors – step detector & step counter. These counters are responsible for tracking the steps when the user is walking, running and climbing stairs. But these sensors are only available in NEXUS 5 for the time being.

With all these new features Android has revolutionized the technological industry. Though it is a boon to every human being, but it also has some things which have not been touched upon. Android feels that it has gained the visual identity, but the fact is for an untrained eye there is a very little difference between Android 4.3 and Android 4.4. The core Google service has changed in Android 4.4. It can be accessed on NEXUS 5 by swapping from left to right on the home screen. By making it more accessible, Google has cleverly increased the number of times you will use it on daily basis and it’s available on NEXUS 5 which is a bit odd. The camera is the biggest letdown. With all these features Google has massaged Android and created something stronger and better, but it hasn’t reinvented the wheel with KitKat. To sum it up, Android 4.4 is an evolution, not a revolution.

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