Traffic Problems in Kolkata


Kolkata “the city of joy” can no longer be considered one when it come to matters related to traffic system. The immense increase of the traffic congestion truly taken away all the joys and happiness which the city otherwise was entitled to. Every day the city wakes up new problems and troubles. Whether it is to blame the poor road conditions or the poor traffic signaling system, the dweller of the city needs to face it with a brave-heart. So there’s no stopping to the troubles faced by the common people. In fact there’s frequent additions to the problems which ultimately results in the traffic snarls and disruptions. So enlisted below are the few frequent yet powerful reasons which are truly responsible for the recent traffic condition of Kolkata.

First problem that is worth mentioning is the ill maintained roads and streets of Kolkata. Some of the highly used roads are filled with craters and cracked surfaces. As a result of which many vehicles get stuck thus giving rise to a terrifying traffic jam. Secondly, the faulty traffic signals can also be considered equally guilty for this traffic condition. For there are times when a green light stay green for a longer span while the other part of the road needs to lead a life of stagnation at the red signal, hence the traffic jam and chaos. And thirdly which further glorified the woes of the travelers are the ongoing politics and political clashes.

For whenever there’s a rift between political parties, the either parties prefer hitting the streets, thus making the traffic condition even worse, for they often go for road blockade or strikes thus making the traffic system go uncontrollable. And the sudden called upon public political meeting amidst a busy street; surely worsen the situation further for many roads need to be kept closed so as to make space for the meeting attendees, thus making the life of daily commuters hell, for they need to take a specified route which obviously gets overcrowded. These are few of the main reasons why the lives of daily commuters are becoming worse than hell. Thus it can also be rightly said the effect of globalization and as well increase in population further enhanced the woes of Kolkata traffic.

However one should not get disheartened for if there is a will there is surely a way out. It’s high time that the people as well the Government of Kolkata take some true measures so that the traffic system of Kolkata can improve. Everyone should become extra careful and extra vigilant so that they don’t break traffic rules and hence lead a chaos free life. And as far as the government is concerned they should make proper arrangements for traffic signals and employ more traffic police at eminent junctions and also should make sure there are less political meetings and road diversions, for if these issues are taken care of, then Kolkata can surely be gifted with hassle free roads and better traffic conditions.

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