The Strike Politics


A number of political parties in India still believes that calling a strike (or bandh as it is called) is the best way to protest. A majority of those, of course, are based in the bandh capital of India, Kolkata. Infact, we are in the midst of a protest week. As soon as the central government raised the prices for diesel and LPG, it was given. The only question was when, rather than if, a strike will be called.

The private bus operators dealt the first blow calling an indefinite strike inconveniencing millions of commuters. The strike went on for 3 full days before being postponed for another 10 days just to beat another general strike called by a few political parties. The mini bus operatots and taxi unions having similar plans had to postpone their planned strikes due to state governments intervention.

I think its really difficult for them to understand that a srtike does no good to anyone. Apart from hurting our finances real bad, it effects the morale of general public. Although the public here have adjusted to it rather well and treat their bandhs as well deserved holidays. Now it doesn’t even need any coercion by the parties enforcing such bandhs and almost everyone enjoys their day off to the fullest.

On the outset, it seems the only people getting inconvenienced are the day labourers who work and earn their living by the day. A day off may even mean no meals but then is there anyone who really cares for them? I doubt so. Else we’d have abolished this bandh culture years ago. The big picture, although invisible to many, is horrible and its hurting each and everyone of us. We’ll find out some day but till then let’s enjoy our holidays.

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