Presenting Codesive Speaks


Its been a while since our website was first launched to public back in May 2012. Since then, there have been very few visible developments. However, we are continuously working behind the scenes to fix and optimize a few of the existing features in addition to creating new set of features for our website. Codesive Speaks is the first of many steps in that direction.

With Codesive Speaks, we intend to interact more freely with our website visitors and customers, existing and prospective. All announcements will henceforth be made via this platform in addition to our existing social networking presence i.e, Facbook, Twitter etc. We also plan to add new insigts and interesting articles so you get to know us better, both professionaly and personally.

We intend to build a much stronger connection with our audience and hope to get your complete cooperation in our endeavour. Thanks for always being with us and supporting us. We’ll be back with more updates and developments soon. Thank you for reading.

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