Codesive is now Responsive!


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on improving our website for a while now. There have been very few changes that have been made since the original website came into being. The best reason is that we did not feel the need to. However, some of our most loyal clients and followers have been complaining about the lack of support for mobile devices.

We found it justified as more and more users have been using smart phones and tablets to access websites these days. Why not? a smartphone is literally on every pocket these days. A mobile version of our website would have been just fine albeit sans the quality aesthetics but that would have been completely unacceptable to our design team. Common sense prevailed and we decided to go for a responsive solution instead.

The challenge was to preserve the best elements from the existing website while simplifying the entire experience. We’d like to confess that our original website was not very easy to browse through and in fact, presented a lot of difficulties. This time our team was able to come up with a marked improvement over the existing website and the result is here for everyone to see.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s presenting to you – the website of Codesive in its new avatar. A completely refined and responsive solution which will make life a lot simpler. Please take your time and browse through a new experience and we’re sure your journey will be worthwhile. We’ve tried to retain most of the existing sections, so getting acquainted with would be a breeze. Have fun and until then, ciao!

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