What’s New in Android 4.4


Let’s introduce ourselves with the updated version of Android, which is Android 4.4, more commonly known as KitKat. Some of the features of KitKat are listed below – Enabled voice search on Google. You just need to say “OK Google” to start voice search. While listening to music or watching movies you will see awesome […]

Introduction to Autonomic Computing


Started by IBM on the year of 2001, autonomic computing refers to a self managing computing model which is self adaptive to the unpredictable changes just like a human being. It will control the functioning of a computer’s application without the input from a user, in the same way that the autonomic nervous system regulates […]

Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design is a flexible design move towards designing sites to make them available on most advantageous screening and navigation with the lowest amount of resizing and scrolling, across an extensive collection of devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktop computer monitors. A site designed with responsiveness adapts the design to the viewing setting by […]

Traffic Problems in Kolkata


Kolkata “the city of joy” can no longer be considered one when it come to matters related to traffic system. The immense increase of the traffic congestion truly taken away all the joys and happiness which the city otherwise was entitled to. Every day the city wakes up new problems and troubles. Whether it is […]